NextGen 2024

NextGen Programme Relaunched

Giving young people an insight into the beautiful game

To empower the next generation of football enthusiasts, we’re pleased to announce the relaunch of our NextGen Programme. 

Aimed at individuals aged 14-25 years-old who aspire to make a positive impact on the future of football, this programme offers a range of opportunities for personal and professional development within the football industry. 

Designed to cater to diverse interests and talents beyond just playing, there are five distinct categories that cater to various aspirations.

NextGen Leaders
The NextGen Leaders category acts as a youth council, providing a platform for young minds to voice their opinions, contribute ideas, and actively participate in shaping the future of football.

Participants in this category will engage in discussions and workshops, have the chance to work with County FA and FA staff members and creating a dynamic space for leadership development and innovative thinking.

NextGen Network

NextGen Network provides members with exclusive access to workshops and networking opportunities within the football industry.

This category focuses on building connections, encouraging collaboration, and gaining insights from industry professionals.

It serves as a hub for like-minded individuals to share experiences, ideas, and knowledge, creating a supportive community that nurtures growth and ambition.

NextGen Work Experience

For school students with a passion for football, the NextGen Work Experience category offers a valuable opportunity to gain practical insights through a voluntary 5-day placement.

This hands-on experience gives participants a whistle-stop tour of our HQ and each department that governs football within Sussex.

They’ll have the opportunity to lead on a mini project and gain advice about a career path within the football industry.

NextGen Internship

University students can take advantage of the NextGen Internship, a voluntary placement designed to provide a more in-depth and immersive experience working within the football industry.

This category offers a chance to work alongside County FA and FA staff members and apply themselves to lead on and execute a football related project.

NextGen Coach
Aspiring coaches can seize the opportunity to join the SO GOOD Youth Coaching Network through the NextGen Coach category.

This initiative provides a structured pathway for individuals interested in pursuing a coaching career.

Participants will receive training, mentorship, and opportunities to develop their own coaching knowledge to enhance the growth and development of their young players.

Our Development Officer, Abi Knight, said: “The NextGen Programme is not just a football initiative; it's a platform for nurturing talent and adopting a sense of community among our young people in Sussex.

“This is about instilling life skills, teamwork, and a resilience that will serve them well in their chosen pathways. I can’t wait to start working with football’s future industry leaders!”

For more information on the NextGen Programme please contact:

T: 01903 766855