Women's Recreational Football Festival

Recreational Football

There is a generation of women many of whom are now parents that never had the chance to play football in their childhoods...

Thanks to one particular lady in Sussex, Carol Bates from Crawley, who set up Crawley Town Old Girls (COGs) and started a revolution for the ‘missed generation’ who amongst many others are now enjoying the opportunity to play. 

Central Venue Festivals are run regularly for Women in these groups to get together in a good fun, friendly, and social environment.

Teams are split into groups that reflect those new to playing and those who have previous experience but haven’t played for a while possibly due to work or family commitments, having children, injury, moved areas - whatever the reason if you are tempted to get back involved then do it there really is no age limits!

Crawley Old Girls
Crawley Old Girls (COGs)
Crawley Old Girls is a group setup and run by the Club's Community Foundation.

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