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Affiliate using the Whole Game System... 

The affiliation process ensures each club becomes a member of the Sussex County FA in order to play in their relevant league and cup competitions.

Within the affiliation process, clubs have the opportunity to enter into County Cup competitions and make donations to the Sussex County FA Benevolent Fund.

The process happens annually and each club must affiliate by the 30th June each year.

Club Affiliation
Club Affiliation Guide
A step-by-step video guide to affiliating a club online using the Whole Game System.

The Whole Game System is an online administration system which allows Clubs, Leagues and Referees’ to deal with their football administration online.

Clubs will be able to maintain their own data with coaches and team information at your fingertips to update.

Leagues will have the ability to sanction online, have links to relevant Sussex County FA data, and in time, links to league websites via Full Time.

Clubs are required to purchase ‘CountyCover’ public liability insurance as a minimum. This is a standard 10M cover for every Club. Alternatively clubs can purchase ‘CountyCover Plus’, which has some additional benefits (please see Bluefin documentation for information). This will be included on the affiliation invoice as part of the affiliation process.

Clubs MUST apply directly to Bluefin Sport for their Personal Accident (PA) Cover at: and complete the online application.  If you have any queries regarding this please contact Bluefin Sport directly on 0345 872 5060. 

Existing clubs will have been contacted directly by Bluefin Sport, via email, with regards to their renewals.

Any club who has failed to purchase the minimum cover (Superior) will not be allowed to play until such time that this level of cover has been purchased.

All clubs are also required to submit a copy of their accounts for the previous season by 30th September each year. Failure to do so will result in a fine. A balance sheet template is available.

It is important that clubs complete all the information requested on the application otherwise it will be returned and the affiliation process will be delayed.

Note: Any new clubs wishing to affiliate for the first time should first off contact the Sussex County FA.