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Our SO GOOD Coaching Network helps support aspiring coaches to develop themselves alongside likeminded coaches and through unique training and development experiences.

The SO GOOD Coaching Network consists of four groups:
Female (self-identifying & non-binary)
Male (self-identifying & non-binary)
Youth (16 to 25 year-olds)
Disability (coaches with a disability and coaches working within the disability game)

At the heart of the SO GOOD Coaching Network is a desire to help bring coaches together, to learn from and support each other, as they look to develop their own unique coaching styles.

Within each of the four groups are a broad spectrum of coaches. From those with decades of experience under their belts, to those just finding their feet out on the grass.

Our female group was launched off the back of the Lionesses historic WEURO’s victory and aims to empower female coaches and adopts a supportive community to address the unique challenges facing women in football.

Our male group is specifically tailored for male coaches, offering a space for skill enhancement and knowledge-sharing within a safe football environment.

Meanwhile, our youth (ages 16 to 25) group is geared towards the development of young coaches, creating pathways for their growth within the football coaching realm and a direct lead into our NextGen Programme

Finally, our disability group is focused on inclusivity, providing specialised coaching resources and support for coaches working with disabled players.

Some of the benefits our members can take advantage of include:
Access to County FA and FA Staff as well as SO GOOD Ambassadors
Targeted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions relevant to your network group
Funding bursaries available towards coaching qualifications
Observational analysis of matches in Sussex
Free admission onto all our CPD sessions and a membership reward on sign up
Further tailored benefits that each group has to offer…

We’ve already been able to provide numerous insightful experiences to members of our SO GOOD Coaching Network groups, such as Coaching Masterclass’ with Worthing’s Adam Hinshelwood and former England Lionesses Under-19s Head Coach, Amy Merricks

Speaking on her experience as part of the Female So GOOD Coaching Network, Kristie Scarle said: “I started coaching two years ago, and as a 47-year-old the whole role was brand new to me.

“Shortly after that the SO GOOD network launched. Me and another coach from our club went along to have a look and we stayed. Going to live coaching sessions has been a personal highlight, as I realised that scribbled notes IS a good enough plan, and it's fine to change the drill mid-flow if it's not working. 

“The WhatsApp group is really supportive too, and you often realise you know the answer to someone's question.

“One of my biggest worries was what I'm going to do as the girls I coach get older. The SO GOOD group has made me realise that whilst it will be hard work, there is support on hand, and I know that the group will always have my back, share their knowledge, and give me that nudge I need to take my coaching to the next level.”

Robb Kerr, father of Chloe Kerr, member of our Disability and Female SO GOOD Coaches Network groups, said: “The SO GOOD Network has brought a number of females together who have started their coaching journey, from all different backgrounds and all ages, however all have a love for volunteering and football.

“My daughter Chloe has been a part of the group for over 12 months, and she has grown in confidence to express herself without a worry and has learnt to analyse player’s performances. She feels confident within the group to just be herself and her disability doesn’t matter.”

Our Development Officer, Abi Knight, who oversees the network commented: “I’m incredibly proud of the remarkable growth and success of our SO GOOD Coaching Network. 

“What began as a pilot with a modest group of 25 female coaches, has evolved into a thriving community that now boasts nearly 300 members across four groups. This significant increase is a testament to the dedication, passion, and hard work of each member within the network. 

“Witnessing the shared enthusiasm and commitment to personal and professional development has been truly inspiring and drives me to continue bringing these opportunities to our incredible members.”

For more information on coaching in Sussex please contact:

T: 01903 766855

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