RSPCA Ball Donation

Old footballs donated to RSPCA

A Sussex County FA clear up revealed a lot of old balls!

We recently donated plenty of old footballs to the RSPCA to give them a much better use, to the delight of the dogs at the shelter.

Brighton Seagals FC had recently donated to a local dog shelter and really taken up the challenge of our new Equality Charter Award Scheme, designed to include all in football, even our four-legged friends.

This gave our Development Team the idea of where to place the balls. So, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, a number of old balls were taken up to the RSPCA Brighton.

Much to the delight of the dogs and in particular Agnes, who didn’t even stop to admire the arrangement of said balls for a nice photo shoot, dived straight in and picked her ball. Seconds later she exchanged for another, then another, clearly delighted with the surprise new presents.

The RSPCA staff were very grateful as they are with all donations made to help keep running and funding this rescue centre.  

If you're really up for a challenge, how about signing up to our new Equality Charter Award Scheme like Seagals FC. Our scheme designed to promote equality within clubs and their wider community. Clubs will have access to additional resources and toolkits and will be supported by the Development Team.

For more information on the Equality Charter Award Scheme please contact: 

T: 01903 766855