Equality Charter Award Scheme

Equality Charter Award Scheme

Promote equality & inclusion at your club!

We are continually striving to encourage clubs affiliated to them to promote positivity and inclusion within their club.

Whilst many of our clubs are going beyond to meet the needs of their players, coaches, club officials, fans and the wider community there is still more we can do together.

Our Development team headed by Jade Harker are working towards attaining the UK Equality Preliminary Level Standard and want to use this knowledge to assist our clubs equality development too. 

We are asking you to want to take further steps to ensure that the needs of everyone are met. In view of this, our Development team are initiating a new award scheme which we would love you all to be involved in.

Our Equality Charter Award Scheme has been designed to drive forward the desire to make football inclusive to everyone and encourage those from diverse communities which have not always, at times, felt confident or even welcome to join clubs.

The Equality Charter Award scheme will consist of three Levels:

LEVEL 1 – Commitment
LEVEL 2 – Progression
LEVEL 3 – Sustainability

Each Level sees clubs asked to develop within their community key components that will bring knowledge to members to be able to manage all areas of our diverse world.

Included in the Scheme are simple actions like signing up to Kick It Out and implementing an Equality Policy within their club to hosting workshops for club members in an Equality specific workshop.

Clubs are also asked to dedicate a weekend of games to raise awareness of disability, race or homophobia in football and organising and running and event of your choice to highlight issues.

Clubs will be supported on a 1-2-1 basis by our Development team, who will work with them to achieve each action at a speed that suits them, and help them to be a knowledgeable, open and inclusive club.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Sussex County FA Equality standard Award Scheme!

For more information on the Equality Charter Award Scheme please contact: 

T: 01903 766855
E: Development@SussexFA.com