Mark Newnham-Reeve

Coach of the Year: Mark Newnham-Reeve

The FA and McDonald's Grassroots Football Awards

We are delighted to announce Mark Newnham-Reeve from Eastbourne United Association has won our Grassroots Youth Coach of the Year Award as part of The FA and McDonald's Grassroots Football Awards.

The awards aim to recognise and reward volunteers, match officials, clubs and leagues across the county who have made a difference to grassroots football in their local community.

The time, effort and dedication Mark puts into Eastbourne United Youth is amazing. All of the parents often remark ‘how does he do it all?’ Mark finds so much pleasure in providing for the players he coaches, that he sacrifices a lot of time with his own family, for the pleasure of so many other children. For that Mark is commended by all the parents of players at the club.

Mark has created an amazing bond between a group of players. Not just team-mates but also very good friends too. The training he provides has created an extremely talented team. He quickly identifies individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and has a unique way of encouraging and supporting them to develop and overcome any fears they may have due to the trust they have in him.

The effort and energy Mark puts into the team has created an incredible environment for not only the children who play football, but also the wider group of parents, grandparents and siblings.

Mark stands out from the rest for the sheer amount of effort, enthusiasm and energy he puts into the team. He organises training, matches and club tournaments like everyone else. But, on top of this he also organises annual european tours, team Christmas dinners, annual Christmas theatre trips, online training sessions during lockdown, weekly fun challenges and numerous fund-raising events. All of this to provide the best possible opportunities for all the players - not to mention that every player is also remembered on their birthday with photos.

Parent of one of the players, and nominator, Steve Downey commented: “Mark is simply amazing, the time and effort he manages to put into the team, despite having a full-time job and family of his own, is incredible and that personal sacrifice alone means so much. But what’s more important is the level of dedication and support he puts in to the players, creating a remarkable culture as well as amazing memories win, lose or draw!”

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