Respect for Coaches

Free Online Module Launched for Coaches

Support for Coaches in The FA Respect Campaign

The FA have launched a free, 20-minute online module, for Coaches to help support the objectives of The FA Respect Campaign. 

Respect is an important value in life, not just football. Leading on Respect is important to us and ensuring that the match day environments played in Sussex are memorable for the right reasons. It’s all about creating the best possible football experiences.

Coaches now have access to the free 20-minute course to ensure that they can fulfil this with their players and continue to promote respectful behaviours.

Creating the right environments for players, both on and off the pitch is so important. Even though your role could be slightly different from someone else within your club or league, it’s important that we all play our part in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

The FA’s Respect campaign indicates what a positive impact that respectful behaviours have on players in life. What’s more, behaviours such as demonstrating fairness, integrity, inclusion and good leadership skills on the pitch.

The course content focuses on five key principles:
• Create the right environment
• Lead by positive example
• Understand your players
• Build a positive team around you
• Instil an ‘anything is possible’ attitude

We are committed to our responsibilities in safeguarding the welfare of all young people involved in grassroots football

The course will enable you to better understand what it means to be a respectful coach and build an awareness of how respectful you currently are.

It will also provide you with a toolkit of actions you can apply on and off the pitch to demonstrate and promote respect amongst players, parents, coaches, referees and opposing team members.

For more information, please contact Development:

T: 01903 766855

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