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New partnership with We Support Deaf Awareness

We support deaf awareness, and so can you!

We are pleased to announce our support for the #WeSupportDeafAwareness campaign, and we hope that our clubs and league will join us in celebrating, welcoming and supporting all individuals, including those who are deaf or have a hearing impairment. 

Did you know that hearing loss affects 42% of people aged over 50, and one in five adults has hearing loss of some degree. 

We pride ourselves on driving forward inclusion in sport and we want to ensure that our clubs and leagues are on this journey with us, and are delighted to share with you an opportunity to make football a more inclusive environment. 

We recognise the barriers that some individuals can face when wanting to participant in football in any capacity and we understand that communication is something that many people take for granted. 

Together with the #WeSupportDeafAwareness campaign, we want to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to be able to communicate with someone who is deaf or experiencing a hearing impairment, so we can ensure that football is a welcoming environment. 

Simon Houghton, the founder of the #WeSupportDeafAwareness campaign, is providing all members of Sussex football community with free access to his organisation's deaf awareness online training, that’s training provided free of charge for 60,000 people. 

This training will help participants gain a better understanding of the experiences of deaf people and promote inclusion in football.

To access the training, please head to the #WeSupportDeafAwareness website.

Click ‘Get Started’, and use the following code when applying the coupon code: SUSSEXFA

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We Support Deaf Awareness x Sussex County FA
A word from our new partners, WeSupportDeafAwareness

Steve Atkins, our Inclusion and Advisory Group Chairman said: “The IAG wholeheartedly recommends this fantastic opportunity for Sussex County FA staff, directors and all Sussex football members, as we continue to ensure football is welcoming to all.”

Our Development Manager, Jade Harker, added: “We are delighted to be working with Simon and #WeSupportDeafAwareness to bring this opportunity to our clubs and leagues.

“We are calling on our clubs and leagues to join us in celebrating deaf awareness, by tagging #WeSupportDeafAwareness and #SussexFootball in your social media posts once you have completed your training”.

Below is a document ‘Seven Ways to be Deaf Aware’ that you can share within your clubs and leagues.

For more information on #WeSupportDeafAwareness please contact Development:

T: 01903 766855