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Grassroots football awards 2024

Who will you nominate for an award?

The Grassroots Football Awards are here, and it's time for you to say thank you to all the people and organisations who give their time to make football happen. 

Our awesome volunteers give so much week-in, week out, rain or shine. 

They are the parents, coaches, clubs, leagues, fellow volunteers, match officials and more who give everything to the beautiful game.

Across Sussex we want to find these amazing people, share their story nationally, celebrate them, and just say a huge thank you.

You can nominate as many times as you like, in as many categories as you like. 

This year, it’s easier than ever. You can now tell their story in a way you want simply by letting us know:

What they do, and how it impresses you
How they make a difference to others’ lives
Where they’ve had an impact in their community

The more detail you give, the better. 

So let’s find the people who make football great in Sussex, and they can win a National Award and have the chance to go to be celebrated at Wembley.

Nominations are open to Wednesday 3 April 2024.


Which club deserves your thanks?

Who’s done something amazing for their players, community or beyond?

Be it a 1, 2 or 3 star England Football Accredited club that’s recruited, rewarded or retained volunteers in a new way. 

Has the club improved its facilities on the and off the pitch or attracted new funding to make football better for more people?

Maybe they've started new teams or sessions for male, female or disabled players. Or perhaps supported The FA initiatives like Just Play, Weetabix Wildcats, Squad, Comets etc?

Who’s made the game better for more people?

Who do you think has made football more accessible and enjoyable for more people?

A league in the male, female, youth or disability game that is England Football Accredited.

Do you know one that has created a safe, fun and inclusive space, both on and off the pitch? or one that supports The FA initiatives like for example Respect, Silent Support or Play Safe.

Male Pathway / Female Pathway / Disability Pathway 

How has this coach made a real impact? In particular, how have they stood out with...

Player engagement – respecting the voice of the player and how they engage players.

Relationships – their ability to develop strong positive relationships with players, parents and other coaches built on respect and trust.

Culture – creating a safe, inclusive and positive space for everyone involved.

Note: The coach must volunteer at a  1, 2 or 3 star England Football Accredited club, or from an FA programme (e.g. Just Play, Weetabix Wildcats, Comets Disability Football).

Who makes sure their ground – from pitch to facilities – is always ready for the game? 

Who goes the extra mile in creating a great playing surface? 

They might not even have a job-title, but we want to hear about the people who transform poor pitches into great pitches. 

The ones who keep the facilities match-ready all year round and make sure the whole space is safe, week in, week out. 

They create a playing environment that’s always welcoming and ensure that their facilities are at the heart of their communities.

Who’s really impressed you on match day and helped create a positive matchday experience?

Who’s shown dedication and commitment to playing a fairer game?

In particular they can be a referee, a referee observer, coach, mentor, developer, appointments officer or any other role in the match official community. 

So long as they promote a fairer game for all by showing respect and understanding.

Who’s burst onto the scene this year, and had a real impact?

Which new volunteer has come in and started volunteering in 23/24 season,  made a positive difference, and really deserves your thanks? 

In particular increasing the opportunities for others to play or volunteer or improving the experience.

Who’s brought fresh energy as a young volunteer this season?

Which youngster deserves your thanks for sharing their time, skills, ideas and commitment?

They must be aged between 14-25 years. A young person who is a role model to others, who provides a voice for other young people, or who has a valuable skillset as part of a wider team.

Who’s used the power of football to improve others’ lives?

Who do you think has made a big difference in their community?

In particular, a person, club, league or project run by volunteers that might, for example, have led to improved participant behaviour, a decrease in crime, an increase in youth engagement, a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing, or even improved access for female or disability football.

Who deserves your thanks for creating new opportunities in the female game?

Which volunteer, club, league or project has moved the women or girls game forward?

In particular, a volunteer, club, league or project that’s improving the girls and women’s game for more girls and women by creating chances to coach, manage, administrate or officiate, having a big impact in their community, on and off the pitch and using football to inspire positive change.

This extra-special award is for the volunteer that represents the best of grassroots football, and for the first time it’s been open to a public vote.

What we’re looking for is someone or a team, club, league that’s s had a big impact over a period of time by: Retaining, recruiting or rewarding players and volunteers to ensure that their grassroots football provision is a true representation of the local community. 

Raising the profile of their organisation and its impact that’s helped bring their community together, alongside having continuously developed and sought to add value to their team, club, league or organisation.

For further information about England Football Grassroots Football Awards please contact our Awards team:

Sussex County FA