Referee Awards 2024

The Referee Recognition Awards 2024

Let’s celebrate our amazing referees!

We’re pleased to announce that the nominations are open for the Referee Recognition Awards 2024.

A nomination is the perfect way to show your appreciation for a match official who’s dedication is always second to none.

There are nine categories to nominate into to, and remember, you can nominate as many referees in as many categories as you want. 

award catagories

We’re looking for someone who’s championed equality, diversity and inclusion in Refereeing. They’ll have demonstrated a holistic and long-term commitment to equality. They’ll also have delivered progress in creating a diverse and inclusive environment through targeted interventions and programmes.

We’re looking for clubs to nominate someone who’s shown exceptional performance and dedication in officiating their games. This award recognises the contributions of Referees who consistently display a high level of skill, fairness, and professionalism.

Note: This award is nominated by a team or club.

We’re looking for someone who’s demonstrated exceptional leadership, integrity, and dedication to their community. They’ll have served as positive and inspiring example for others, and had a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Note: The Judging Panel would be particularly pleased to hear directly from people from historically underrepresented groups.

We’re looking for someone who’s helped create a legacy of sustainably improved outcomes for individuals, communities, and the wider population. This lifetime achievement award recognises their positive influence in the development, administration and servicing of Refereeing.

We’re looking for someone who’s brought exceptional talents, skills and potential to Refereeing during their first year of involvement. They’ll have had a meaningful impact with significant personal development while being new to Refereeing.

Note: The Judging Panel would be particularly pleased to hear directly from young people.

We’re looking for someone who helps create a positive football environment. They’ll have made a significant contribution to Refereeing through their support, involvement, encouragement, or in other ways.

We’re looking for a team, club or league who’ve consistently shown exceptional levels of care and support towards Match Officials, and show respect at all times. They’ll have helped cultivate a positive, safe environment for the Refereeing community to learn, grow and develop.

We’re looking for an individual, group or initiative whose actions, empathy, unstinting support or effort has significantly helped their community.

They’ll be someone Referees relate to, rely on or seek advice from…perhaps while suffering adversity themselves. They may help normalise mental health conversations, and signpost to relevant support. They may have promoted Refereeing to historically underrepresented communities.

We’re looking for someone who’s demonstrated outstanding dedication, commitment and service as a volunteer. They’ll have given their time and energy to support a cause, organisation, or community, and had a significant and measurable impact on the Referee community.

Note: We welcome nominations from the observer, mentor, coaching or appointing workforce and parent/carers of the volunteer.

For further information about the Referee Recognition Awards please contact our refereeing team:

T: 01903 768573

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