Grassroots Club of the Year: Burgess Hill Town

The England Football Grassroots Awards

We are delighted to announce that Burgess Hill Town has won the Grassroots Club of the Year Award as part of England Football’s Grassroots Football Awards.

This Award looks to highlight a club that sits at the heart of its community providing an opportunity for all to get involved.

A recipient of the first ever equality, diversity and inclusion charter in the UK awarded by the Sussex County FA, Burgess Hill Town has now also taken the steps to invest and create its own well-being centre called The Huddl.

The Huddl works directly with children and families who need support, with a clinical child psychotherapist and personal trainer/nutrition coach assigned to work with kids across a number of mind, body and soul initiatives to make them more confident, resilient and happy.

The club has successfully worked with over 20 children with the program last season, providing families with a welcome source of support.

On the pitch, they’ve now got over 100 over-30s active who were not playing the sport, by opening a dedicated Over-30s section.

The club also started ‘BobCats’, an over-30s football program that now has over 100 participants, along with also growing its girls and women section to over 150 players, and its junior section to over 500 players and 39 teams.

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England Football Grassroots Award 2023 - Club of the Year: Burgess Hill Town
Congratulations to Burgess Hill Town, our Grassroots Club of the Year!

A keeper academy called "stopper squad" has also been created, with over 50 keepers signing up from all over Sussex.

The club provides free football for those who are vulnerable or fallen on hard times across the county, along with working hard to lay the groundwork on opening a special education needs (SEN) dedicated section and a deaf football section.

The football club has become a key pillar in the community, in a time where the town of Burgess Hill, like most towns around the UK, has been through hard times in recent years.

Burgess Hill Town have been relentless in their efforts to include people, put on fun events, promote positivity, care for all and provide support via the Huddl when more help is needed.

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