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Positive Football Environment Award: Mark Sanderson

The England Football Grassroots Awards

We are delighted to announce that Mark Sanderson of Worthing United has won the Positive Football Environment Award as part of England Football’s Grassroots Football Awards.

This Award looks to recognise a volunteer who creates a fun, safe and inclusive space for everyone.

For over 25 years Mark has been involved with Worthing United.

He started as a dad watching his son train and quickly moved on to running the training sessions for kids as young as five.

He was Chairman and Vice Chairman of Worthing United Youth and has held the same positions with the senior team - he is currently Chairman, Secretary and Groundsman.

Mark was also notably incredibly brave and strong in the face of adversity following the Shoreham Air Crash in 2015 when unfortunately, two Worthing United players, Matthew Grimstone and Jacob Schilt, lost their lives on their way to a match at the ground in Lyons Way.

Mark was the one who fronted up the situation and dealt admirably with the mountain of local, national and international press enquiries and attention, whilst also dealing with internal club matters and his own feelings of loss.

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England Football Grassroots Award 2023 - Positive Football Environment Award: Mark Sanderson
Congratulations to Mark Sanderson of Worthing United, our Positive Football Environment Award winner!

He's helped build the relationship with the Youth and Senior teams, kept the pitch in pristine condition - working every weekend on the pitch for nothing other than the pleasure of keeping "his" pitch looking great.

He's seen players on a journey starting aged five barely able to kick a ball move up to the first team - maintaining the bridge between the two sections of Worthing United. 

He's also roped in his son James and daughter Ellie to help out to make it a real family affair just like the club is as a whole.

Clubs like Worthing United are at the beating heart of grassroots football and Mark is the embodiment of a grassroots hero through his countless hours of dedicated work all for the benefit of others so they can go out and enjoy the beautiful game!

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