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New Volunteer of the Year: Harley Rowntree

The England Football Grassroots Awards

We are delighted to announce that Harley Rowntree of Rustington Otters has won our New Volunteer of the Year Award as part of England Football’s Grassroots Football Awards.

The award aims to recognise and reward a volunteer who has arrived this year and made a positive difference. 

Harley was new to the Rustington Otters team at the beginning of the 2022/23 season, but he didn't waste a second getting stuck in and getting to know the team.

During his time at the club, he’s put a lot of effort into making the environment fun, supportive and inclusive for all.

Harley works closely with all the lads offering positive encouragement all the way. In particular, one young lad playing up a year, whose confidence was low, has flourished thanks to Harley helping him work through this and use it to his advantage.

He always gives individual praise to every child, regardless of score line, the focus is first and foremost having fun and learning something new.

One lad especially who struggles with behaviour, concentration and faces regular school exclusions has settled well with Harley’s guidance.

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England Football Grassroots Awards 2023 - New Volunteer of the Year: Harley Rowntree
Congratulations to Rustlington Otters' Harley Rowntree, our England Football New Volunteer of the Year!

The whole team supports and encourages each other, and Harley has nurtured this positive environment from the start, with match days a true delight to watch.

Harley puts in 110% effort all the time, and the impact his coaching has had on the children is profound and the improvements in their life outside of football from parents’ comments speaks for itself.

He is a breath of fresh air and exactly what football needs.

It’s hard to put into words how important role models are at such young ages, with the players in question being Under-7s, and the impact it has.

But it’s clear the lessons they’ve learned from Harley will stay with them as they grow, and everyone at Rustington Otters hopes that he stays involved for many years to come.

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