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Match Officials promoted

We congratulate our match officials who have achieved promotion!

Following The FA refereeing department’s release of match officials promoted, we are delighted to share with you, the full list of successful Sussex County FA match officials for the 2022/23 season.

Sussex County FA Promotions

From Level 7-6
Dylan Bailey
Daniel Bryant
Steven Fogden
Steve Hanmer
Harvey Howe
William King
Matthew Noonan
Mark Preston
Wayne Pocock*
Ellis South*
Tom Spicer
David Stappleton
Louie Toleman
Alex Wadey
Kevin Wilson

From Level 6-5
Steve Brook
Jordan Burgess
Joshua Dance
Stephen Ellis
Leigh Huffer
Ian MacDonald
Wayne Pocock* (Completed double promotion)
Sam Rumble
Ellis South* (Completed double promotion)

From Level 4W to 3W
Tom Broadfoot
Stephen Dedman
Leonard Lodge
Brent Pettit

National FA Promotions

From Level 5-4 (following Sussex County FA Nomination)
Tazlim Alli
Matthew Dyson
Konrad Kaminski
Kyle Mann
Stuart McKenzie
Joshua Plumb
Owen Radley
Mark Spence
Neil Sutherland

From Level 4 to Level 3
Redmond Egan
James Kerten
Mark Gidman
David Spain

Step 2 Assistant Referee to Step 1 Assistant Referee
Ciaran Fidler
Daniel D’Urso 

Level 4 Specialist Assistant Referee (4B) to 3F - Step 2 Assistant Referee
Christopher Stobart

Our referee development manager, Paul Jeffery said: “All of these match officials have shown commitment, willingness and a high standard of officiating this season, in order to achieve their promotion. Many congratulations to one and all, ensure you keep up the excellent work at your new levels!”

For further details about refereeing in Sussex please contact:

T: 01903 768573

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