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Maidenbower Colts receive equality charter

Colts are the latest club to receive the Award

We are delighted to announce that Maidenbower Colts are the latest club to achieve our Equality Charter Award.

The Equality Charter Award has been designed to drive forward inclusion in football, so that we can ensure that football is a place where everyone feels welcome.

On their way to achieving the Level 1 award, Maidenbower Colts have completed the following actions:

• Signed up to the Kick It Out Equality Charter
• Appoint a Club EDI
• Implemented an Equality Policy
• Attended a Sussex Disability Football League fixture
• Ensure all coaches at the club have completed the EE Playmaker by England Football course as a minimum
• Attended an Equality Workshop delivered by the Sussex County FA
• Dedicated a weekend of matches to raise awareness of race and homophobia within in football

Upon receiving the award, club Chairman Richard Coleman said: “The Equality Charter Award process came at exactly the right time for us. Maidenbower Colts FC had just established our Pan Disability Football Sessions and welcomed our first ever all girls’ squads to the club.

“We strive to be an exemplary youth football club and lead the way in terms of how we engage with our young people, their families, and the greater grassroots community in the area.  This process gave us the guidance for our club’s cultural growth.

He went on to add: “It has challenged our existing processes in a constructive and supportive way and has emphasised the importance of inclusivity.  We are committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated, and every young player feels valued and a part of our football family.

“In being a more diverse youth football club, it will only make Maidenbower Colts FC a better place for our young people to learn important lessons and values in life.”

Reflecting on why the club wanted to take part in the award in the first place, Coleman said: “As a community minded grassroots football club, with a rapidly growing and very diverse membership, our primary focus is not only on developing young athletes’ football skills but also on fostering a strong sense of community and promoting values such as equality, inclusivity, and social responsibility. 

“Participating in the Equality Charter Award aligns perfectly with our club’s core values and mission.

“Ultimately, by participating in the Equality Charter Award, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of our Players, their families, and the wider community,

“We believe that sport has the power to break down barriers, foster social cohesion, and promote equality, and as such we are dedicated to being an exemplary youth football club in this regard.”

After taking part in the process, what would Coleman say are the main lessons the club has learned from it?

“During the process, our club has learned several valuable lessons that have already contributed to our growth and development,” said Coleman.

“Overall, the process has really helped to evolve our approach to equality and inclusivity, It has taught us the importance of self-reflection, collaboration, and embedding these values into the fabric of our club. 

“Through this experience, we have become more aware, more proactive, and dedicated to creating an environment where all young people can thrive, regardless of their differences.

“We have also been so proud of how our volunteers have embraced this learning and development opportunity.  This has helped to bring our young people along on this journey with us.”

Finally, we asked Coleman just what changes the club will be implementing going forward.

“As a result of this process, Maidenbower Colts FC will implement policy and process reviews, will offer regular diversity and inclusion learning opportunities, communicate campaigns, and implement a means to celebrate differences,” he said.

“With these changes, we aim to continue our journey of evolution as our football club continues to grow.”

Speaking on the awarding of the Equality Charter to Maidenbower Colts, our Development Officer, Abi Knight, said: ‘It’s been fantastic to work alongside Richie and Maidenbower Colts in supporting them achieve their Level 1 of the Equality Award.

“The club officials and coaches we met during the Equality Workshop were fully on-board with the message we were delivering, and we had some really constructive ideas that Maidenbower Colts will be able to implement.

“For a youth club to be so dedicated to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, it paves the way for a brighter future for football and it really being For All’.”

If your club would like to get involved, then simply complete the attached form.

To find out more about the Equality Charter Award an how you club can achieve it please contact:

T: 01903 766855

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