Pablo Aguilar Referee Promotions

Match Officials Promoted

We congratulate our match officials who have achieved promotion!

Following a meeting of the Sussex County FA Referee Promotions Working Group, we are delighted to share the following promotions:

Level 7 to 6
Ciaran Bird
Jordan Burgess
Joshua Dance
Tom Harris
Leigh Huffer
Sam Rumble
Peter Shepherd
Nathan Welch
James Wills

Level 6 to 5
Tazlim Alli
Adam Bensureiti
Jamie Cogdell
Wayne Fordham
Nathan George
Kyle Mann
Harvey Ransome
Peter Whitton

Following a meeting of The FA Referee Promotions Working Group, we are delighted to announce the following Sussex match officials’ promotions that have now been confirmed:

Level 5 to 4 
Pablo Aguilar 
Ryan Calver (mid-season)
Redmond Egan (mid-season)
Simon Faires
Daniel Head (mid-season)
Brendan Jones
John-Patrick Kane
Ian Lane
Joshua Langley-Fineing (mid-season)
Owen Lawrence (mid-season)
Paddy O’Reilly (mid-season)
Harvey Ransome
Paul Ransome (mid-season)
David Spain
Peter Whitton
Billy Wootten

Level 4 to 3 
Peter Dingle (mid-season)
Daniel D’Urso (mid-season)

Level 4 to 3A (3/4 Referee & 3F (Step 2 AR)
Joel Lamping
Joshua Langley-Fineing
Jonathon Wilks

Level 4SAR to 3F
Christopher Britton (mid-season)

Level 4SAR/4B to 3F (Step 2 AR)
Nick Blogg
David Ellis

Level 3A to 2B
Lisa Benn

Women’s Pathway 4W to 3W - Women’s National League
Georgia Rooney (mid-season)

Women’s Pathway 3W to 2W – Women’s Championship Referee
Ffion Eade

Women’s FIFA Referee
Lisa Benn (mid-season)

Our Operations Manager, Paul Jeffery, had this to say: “The above officials have shown incredible hard-work to achieve promotion. On behalf of the Refereeing Working Committee, we congratulate them all. 

"I would also like to place on record my thanks to the League Referee Appointment Secretaries, ensuring the referees got their games in, Referee Observers and our Sussex County FA Referee Development Group Coaching Team, for all of their support and giving up their free time."

For further details about refereeing in Sussex please contact:

T: 01903 768573

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