New Strategy and Branding

New vision for the new season and beyond

Our new strategy and branding have been released

We are delighted to release details of our ‘reset’ business strategy for 2021-24.

The strategy provides a new vision for us as an organisation and also a new look and feel, embracing the shapes of the martlet that form our logo and proudly represent Sussex as one.

Before embarking on the new strategy, we reviewed our previous strategy and for the first time completed a full consultation contacting over 17,000 stakeholders. 

Results from that consultation, along with a review of our current performance and future key performance indicators helped us to construct this new strategy.

Our new vision is ‘Providing Football For ALL’ aligning ourselves with The FA’s ‘For ALL’ communications. We have revised our mission statement to better reflect our role and safeguarding responsibilities: ‘Promoting, Developing & Supporting Football in a Fun, Safe and Equal way.’ 

Six key objectives make-up our new strategy:
Recruit a diverse workforce to match local demographics
Promote and develop a high performing workforce
Provide everyone with the opportunity to participate in their chosen level of football
Support 40,000 players and workforce
Club network that provides grassroots football for all
Develop a dynamic governance structure for success

A more detailed look into our new strategy can be downloaded below.

For more information about the strategy please contact:

Sussex County FA