Football Foundation Local Facility Plans

Local Football Facility Plans

Football Foundation give road-map for grassroots investment

The Football Foundation have marked an exciting milestone for grassroots football in partnership with the Premier League, The FA and Government for the completion of the local football facility plans.

The plans outline what facilities every local authority area across England needs to meet the demand of football in their area.

For the first time, this country has a road-map to invest and build what every community need. The benefits of the facilities set out in the plans go far beyond the pitch. They transform communities and change lives for the better. 

It’ll mean more people can play our national game, physical and mental health can be improved, communities can grow stronger and young people become more empowered.

But the plans are just the first step. We need to work with local authorities, partners and communities to turn these plans into reality. Everyone has their part to play.

To unlock the power pitches for every community in England. We know that creating better facilities transforms lives. 

It means more people can play our national game, improve their physical and mental health, empower young people and strengthen communities. Collectively, plans set out a national road-map to achieve this.

Find further information on your Local Plan on our Local Football Facility Plans page:
Local Plans

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