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New Nike kit range available from Premier Sports

With the abrupt conclusion to the 2019/20 season, attention now turns to next season and although none of us know now when that will kick-off, there is no harm in being prepared, so we caught up with Paul Cartwright from our partners Premier Sports to get the inside track on the new kit range available from Nike.

When any brand launches their new ranges - it’s always a little bit exciting - but when it’s Nike, well even the most hardened kit manager sits up and takes notice; and despite some stock issues in recent seasons and the rise of disrupter brands coming into the marketplace, Nike remain the brand to beat and this year is no exception.

So, let’s dive in and see what’s on offer…

This year there are eight new kits and notably three of those are in a female cut - yes, not one, but three. This is the year that Nike are really taking women’s football seriously as alongside the playing kits are two new sports bras, an Academy Pro training range and the continuation of the Women’s Academy 18 training range - but more on those next time.

Pricewise - let’s start at the entry level where we find that Nike have relaunched the Park jersey, the long running favourite of so many grassroots teams. There is nothing radical in the redesign but there is the introduction of four new colours: Hyper Torq (a kind of pale green), Bright Crimson, Tour Yellow and Jersey Gold. Not that not all the colours are available in long sleeved jerseys. The Park is available in a women’s cut (in a choice of 10 colours) and a relaunch of the Park Little Kids set. Now, we didn’t shift big numbers in that last time around but it’s certainly worth looking at – we sell the shirt, short and sock set for only £17.20 – that’s excellent value for money and don’t forget that it is sized for as little as a four year old. 

Next up on the new styles is the Trophy IV. I’m liking this smart, collared style with the contrast sleeves and an unusual embossed front graphic. A nice range of colours including the unusual Hyper Torq with Volt sleeves, and if you are looking to stand out - I think this suits nicely.

The next new style price wise is the launch of the Women’s striped division jersey. Available in six colourways including a stylish Tour Yellow and University Gold - I think this could well be one of the biggest sellers of the year. Annoyingly that coloured jersey doesn’t make it into the men’s range.

The final new jersey for the men is the relaunched Challenge III jersey. Whilst a bit on the pricey side (RRP is £31.95 before discount), it’s a smart jersey with ribbed collar and cuffs giving it a retro look and feel. Available in the base five colours of black, white, green, royal and red - it has a smart diagonal design on the front!

Finally, the top range Strike jersey is given a new female cut making this the third of the women’s jerseys for 2020. I think price will prevent massive sales - but for the pro or semi-pro female teams this is a must have jersey. Stretchy engineered sleeves, mesh back panel and a hybrid v-neck make this one for the professionals. Choice of four colours and I do like the pattern on the sleeves and shoulders.

Alongside the jerseys there is a redesign of the two key Nike shorts - the Park III and the League Knit II. With the Park III there is a couple of new colourways to match the jerseys, but other than that - a short is a short!

On the sock front, again two new ones - a relaunch of the matchfit sock (with new colourways) and the introduction of new leg sleeves, but just in the primary colours.

All of the above are available to order from Premier Sports - the Authorised Nike Retail partner for the Sussex County FA.
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