The FA Sunday Cup trophy

The FA Sunday Cup open for entries

Think your Sunday League team has what it takes to win the national FA Sunday Cup?

Grassroots clubs across England can now register their interest in competing in the FA Sunday Cup for the 2020-21 season, with all the details outlined below...

Entry requirements and ground standards

- Participation in the competition shall only be open to clubs competing in the higher Divisions of a Sunday League for season 2020-21, sanctioned by the Association or an affiliated Association.

- Acceptance into the competition will be subject to availability of places.

- Clubs must have a ground which conforms to the minimum standards required in accordance with Competition Rules, which must be the ground used for all home ties in the FA Sunday Cup 2020-21.

Under no circumstances should another venue be used without prior permission of The Football Association.

Ground Standards

Clubs are advised to download the Minimum Entry Requirements & Ground Standards before completing the application. This document provides information on the requirements for entry into the Sunday Cup for season 2020-21.

Clubs should also download and check our Terms & Conditions of Entry.

Online application
Apply for next season's FA Sunday Cup

For further information about The FA Sunday Cup please contact The FA:

The FA

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