Discipline Amendments

New Discipline Amendments Announced

Sussex County FA Discipline Amendments for 2020/21 season

We can now confirm the amendments made to our Disciplinary Sanction Guidelines ahead of the new season. 

Please see below a list of the key regulation topics ahead of the 2020/21 season, a full summary of the amendments can be found by downloading the document below:

All Panels/Other Proceedings
The result of any proceedings shall be presumed to be correct and true unless it is shown, by clear and convincing evidence.

Regulatory Commissions, Penalties and Orders, General
In imposing penalties, a Regulatory Commission must apply any applicable standard sanctions as may be communicated by The Association from time to time. A Regulatory Commission may only depart from such standard sanctions where it deems it appropriate having regard to the facts of an individual case.

Regulatory Commissions, Penalties and Orders, Suspended Penalty
No part of the penalty may be suspended, and the full sanction shall be imposed with immediate effect.

Regulatory Commissions, Aggravated Breaches
Where an Aggravated Breach is found proven, a Regulatory Commission shall apply The Association’s sanction guidelines for Aggravated Breaches.

On Field Regulations
 Except for single cautionable offences also punished by a temporary dismissal, an administration fee will be charged. The applicable administration fee will be increased from £10 to £12 for each notification of a cautionable offence.

Hearings before Disciplinary Commissions
A child aged under 12 must not appear at a Disciplinary Commission as either a witness or the Participant Charged. 
Where a child aged under 12 would otherwise have been charged with a disciplinary offence, the alternative options should be considered: 
a. convening a meeting to bring the parties together to talk through the issues. 
b. the County Welfare Officer talking to the child to warn them about their behaviour and/or requesting the child undertake an appropriate education programme. A parent/carer should be present at any meeting. 

Where a child aged under 12 would otherwise have been a witness before a Disciplinary Commission, the following options should be considered: 
a. the County Welfare Officer may need to write the statement in conjunction with the child and parent/carer. 
b. convening a private meeting between the child and County Welfare Officer to establish the child’s version of events, with the County Welfare Officer reporting to Disciplinary Commission.

A child aged 12 and over may attend a Disciplinary Commission provided that: 
a. they understand it is their duty to speak the truth; 
b. their evidence is sufficiently important to justify it being heard; 
c. the appropriate procedures relating to minors are adopted. The child must be accompanied by a parent/carer; 

A child between the ages of 12 and 15 shall only give evidence via an electronic platform, or any method other than in person.
A child between the ages of 16 or 17 shall be permitted to give evidence in person but a Disciplinary Commission may permit evidence to be given by another method if it is considered appropriate in the circumstances of the case.

Please see our full list of amendments in the handbook below.

If you have any queries on these updates or any other Disciplinary matters, please contact Football Services:

Football Services
T: 01903 753547
E: Discipline@SussexFA.com