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County Cup competitions curtailed

Outstanding 2019/20 County Cup competitions concluded

All 12 of our incomplete County Cup competitions from the 2019/20 season are to be concluded with immediate effect and the results expunged.

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown saw grassroots football ground to a halt and the decision taken by The FA back in late March to conclude the 2019/20 season.

Despite this, we had hoped that, with our outstanding County Cup competitions at advanced stages, it may have been possible to complete them, but unfortunately various contributing factors now mean it isn’t viable for us to conclude them. The factors that have influenced our decision, are including but not limited to:

• Limitations on time-frames to complete the competitions, before the commencement of the 2020/21 season in early September
• Some competing teams who remain in the competitions no longer being active
• Restrictions within the return to grassroots football guidance from The FA, meaning that any County Cup Final would logistically be very challenging and would not hold the same prestige without supporters

Explaining the difficult decision Ollie Powell, Football Services Manager said: “We’d like to thank all competing clubs for their patience whilst we considered the wider picture and every possible option before making this very tough decision. We hope you can understand what a difficult decision it has been and respect our conclusions.

“As a gesture of goodwill to those teams who remained in the 2019/20 County Cup competitions at the point they were cancelled, we would like to offer you all free entry to the 2020/21 County Cup competition. If you have already paid your entry fee, we can arrange for this to be refunded.”

The following competitions will regrettably be concluded with immediate effect and the results expunged:

Sussex Senior Challenge Cup
Sussex Principal RUR Charity Cup
Sussex Intermediate Challenge Cup - in memory of Matt Grimstone & Jacob Schilt
Sussex Bluefin Junior Challenge Cup
Sussex Sunday Challenge Trophy - sponsored by Luke & Luke Construction
Sussex Bluefin Dennis Probee Youth Cup (Under-18s)
Sussex Stan Beattie Memorial Trophy (Under-15s) - sponsored by Gardner & Scardifield
Sussex Girls Challenge Cup (Under-15s)
Sussex C P Mason Cup (Under-14s) - sponsored by Luke & Luke Construction
Sussex Les Kempster Challenge Trophy (Under-13s)
Sussex Girls Challenge Cup (Under-13s)
Sussex W J Jewell Trophy (Under-12s)

For further information about the conclusion of our 2019/20 County Cup competitions please contact Competitions:


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