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The app that organises your life

It’s time to boot out all the boring admin around organising your football. The FA’s official Matchday app has been developed specifically to automate everything around your football life – whether you’re a player, club secretary, manager or coach.

It is estimated 40% of affiliated football match fees go unpaid each season. That is a lot of money your club could be losing, making it incredibly difficult to balance the books. 

Matchday however provides a new way to collect match fees quickly and easily thanks to new payments features in The FA Matchday app. 

Who’s in the team? Who are the opponents? Where’s the game? When’s kick-off? Is anyone currently suspended? 
With Matchday, all the answers are instantly available at your fingertips.

It’s all in a safe and secure environment which is backed by The FA. We’ll also ensure it has up-to-date, comprehensive information on players, clubs, fixtures and leagues.

It’s often said that time is our most precious commodity. The main aim of Matchday is to save you time, so you can confidently enjoy the game you love, knowing your football life is sorted. Oh, and we forgot to tell you – it’s free!

The FA Matchday app overview
Find out more information at: TheFA.com/Matchdaypayments

To provide this service, The FA has partnered with globally-trusted online payments provider PayPal. You may already use PayPal in your daily life – millions of people do. If so, you’ll know how safe, secure and simple it is to use.

The aim is to reward your devotion to the game by making your work simpler. You can look out for offers and rewards throughout the season from PayPal to reward your teams’ managers and players for using Matchday Payments.

Your club’s players (or their parents) just need a PayPal account to pay. With 24 million PayPal users in the UK, chances are many already have one. If not, creating a PayPal account is free and takes only a few minutes. To access The FA Matchday App's payment service you will need to set up a PayPal business account for your club. 

How to get started?
To start giving & accepting payments on The FA Matchday App your club needs to create a PayPal business account for your club. Club officials can download the guide below to see the easy steps to setup.

Once your club is set up players can set up a PayPal account through the app and Managers can begin to collect match fees from all your players at a touch of a button.
Find out more about the Matchday app

For further information on the Matchday App, please contact The FA:

The FA
E: Matchday@TheFA.com