Safer Internet Day 2019

Supporting Safer Internet Day 2019

Together for a better internet

We are pleased to support Safer Internet Day and will continue to help raise awareness of online safety globally.

Safer Internet Day will be celebrated on Tuesday 5 February, focusing on the theme of together for a better internet.

The celebration sees hundreds of schools and organisations join together to raise awareness of online safety issues and we proudly continues to pledge its support.

The campaign aims to not only create a safer internet but also a better internet, where everyone is empowered to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

This year’s focus will be on how consent works in an online context and will ask young people to explore how they ask, give, and receive consent online. This could be in their friendships or relationships, how they take and share images and videos or how they manage their privacy and data.

The campaign encourages young people to explore how the internet works, who owns the information that is shared on it, and how they can actively take ownership of digital spaces.

Safer Internet Day provides a great opportunity to join together and remind all those involved within football to interact online responsibly and safely.

Here’s how you can help:
• Leagues, Clubs and Coaches can play their part by showing support for Safer Internet Day by adding links on League/Club webpages, Facebook and Twitter.
• Young players can play their part by being kind and respectful to others online, by protecting their online reputations (and those of others), and by seeking out positive opportunities to create, engage and share online.
• Parents and carers can play their part by ensuring an open dialogue with their children, educating them to use technology safely and positively, or by acting as digital role models.
Download the Campaign Toolkit

To find out more and get involved visit and join the conversation at #SaferInternetDay2019

For more information on Safer Internet Day 2019 and the work of the UK Safer Internet Centre please contact:

UK Safer Internet Centre
T: 0344 800 2382