Level Playing Field - Weeks of Action for Disabled Sports Fans

Level Playing Field's Weeks of Action 2019

Celebrating match day experiences for disabled football fans

The 15th annual Level Playing Field (LPF) Weeks of Action is set to get underway with clubs, disabled supporters associations (DSAs) and fans joining together to celebrate the match day experience for disabled fans.

From the 2–17 of March there will be an array of match day and non-match day activities hosted by sports clubs that shine a light on the good work that is done to improve the enjoyment and experience of disabled sports fans.

Disabled people are the largest minority group in any population and with sport having such a unique capacity to bring people together, accessible and inclusive stadia are essential for disabled people to take their rightful places and to participate fully within our society. 

For this to be possible, it is important to remove stereotypes and for all barriers to inclusion to be removed whether they be societal, physical, sensory, intellectual or attitudinal.

Weeks of Action is a celebration of those who make access and inclusion for disabled sports fans a reality, whilst also recognising that there is much work still left to do. This is a chance to celebrate the match day experience for disabled fans. We hope shining a light on the positives of attending a live match day will help remove those barriers and promote a culture of accessibility and inclusiveness within sport.

This year, Level Playing Field would like to build on the success of 2018’s campaign which saw many get involved to raise awareness of what can be improved and has already been done, to improve disabled supporters’ match day experience. 

As a service provider, clubs have a legal requirement to be accessible to disabled people, therefore Level Playing Field have created some guidance to ensure this.
Top 10 tips for clubs
How to make your club more accessible

You can get involved in the Weeks of Action campaign by posting your messages of support on Twitter (@lpftweets) & Facebook (/lpftweets) using the hashtag #WeeksOfAction.

For further information on Weeks of Action 2019 and if you would like to support the campaign, please see the campaign pack below or contact Level Playing Field

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