Jess and Steve from Sussex Disability Football League

New Year, New Pledge

Support disability football by joining our pledge project!

The Pledge Project is back for a second season and now it’s your turn to support disability football in Sussex. Make a pledge, make a difference… 

Last year, the pledge project was created as a way of raising awareness about the current opportunities within Disability Football and to provide further prospects for players, coaches and spectators.

During the first season, the pledge project received over 30 different pledges and we are extremely thankful to all those clubs who have supported the cause and in turn have had a positive impact on disability football here in Sussex.

Due to the success of the pledge project, it has now expanded, developed and being carried out in Berks and Bucks County FA and Sheffield County FA.

We would like to invite all clubs and leagues within Sussex to take part in the pledge and support disability football.

Throughout Sussex, we have 1-pan disability league with 8 divisions and 58 affiliated teams, which with your support will continue growing. Taking part in the pledge is easy; clubs and leagues can make a pledge that suits the needs and ambitions of the club itself.

The pledge can be as big or small as the club or league decides and each contribution will raise the awareness of the disability game, providing further opportunities for players with disabilities and making football accessible to all. Pledges do not have to cost a penny and could require very little time to complete, but will have a huge impact on local football. 

All clubs that make a pledge will be presented with a Sussex County FA certificate in which they can display in their club.

Last year, the Russell Martin Foundation made a pledge to run a weekly disability football session which since then has transitioned into an affiliated disability walking football team called Limitless Football Club.

The pledge criteria consist of:

Bronze Level: Raising Awareness 
Develop a plan to continue to support disability football 
Audit players within your club to see if they have a disability you could support
Display a Sussex Disability League Poster in your club house or promote on social media
Create a link to the Sussex Disability Football League and the Sussex County FA disability football information pages to your club website.

Silver Level: Inclusive Opportunities
• Put a coach through the coaching disabled footballers course 
• Send a member of your club to volunteer 4 hours at the Sussex Disability Football League
• Create a club disability football development group 
• Host disability specific events at your club 
• Provide coaching opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Gold Level: Disability Specific Opportunities 
• Apply to host a Sussex County FA recreational disability football centre at your club 
• Set up a youth disability team at your club 
• Set up an adult disability team at your club 
• Promote the England Disability Talent Pathway to eligible players at your club.

Upon completing a pledge every club will receive:
A Pledge Project certificate
A Sussex County FA News Article about their pledge
A hard copy of the County disability football directory

Clubs who achieve bronze level by the 31st July 2019 will additionally receive a voucher code for:
• A course discount voucher code to the value of £25.00 which can be used for: FA level 1 & FA level 2 qualifications and Coaching Disabled Footballers 

Clubs who achieve silver level by the 31st July 2019 will additionally receive a voucher code for one of the following:
• A course discount voucher code to the value of £50.00 which can be used for: FA level 1 & FA level 2 qualifications

Clubs who achieve gold level by the 31st July 2019 will additionally receive:
• A course discount voucher code to the value of £75.00 which can be used for: FA level 1 & FA level 2 qualifications.

Once clubs have submitted their pledge, they will receive direct support from the us throughout the season to help achieve their pledge, as well as positive coverage via social media.
Submit your pledge here

Partners of the Sussex County FA Pledge Project are:

Active Sussex  Albion in the Community  Russell Martin Foundation  University of Brighton - Sport Brighton  Coast to Coast Direct

For further information about Disability Football in Sussex please contact Development:

T: 01903 766855