Steve Hughes - Referee

Taking on a New Challenge

Coming to the end of your playing career, why not give something back and see the game from the other side

We are launching a campaign with the aim to encourage participants to stay in the game and take up a new challenge by becoming a referee.

If you are coming towards the end of your playing career and want to stay involved in football, or you are looking for a hobby that will challenge you, refereeing may be the answer.

The refereeing journey is an exciting experience which enables you the opportunity to be challenged physically and mentally.

Refereeing is accessible for all and it is never too late to get involved!

Sussex based referee Steve Hughes got involved in refereeing after he came to the end of his football playing career. Seven years on he has progressed through to Level 2b which now sees him officiate on the National Football League.

Steve believes that refereeing has added value to his life by increasing his physical fitness and well-being: “In the seven years that I have officiated I have met many great new friends, shared many different views and learnt so much about myself as a person and a referee.

“Being part of football again gave me the buzz back, looking forward to my part of the weekend again, looking for my fixtures, checking out the teams that I will be refereeing that week and visiting places I have never heard of, it is very exciting.

“I have been fortunate enough to have the support of an excellent County FA set up in Sussex, which has developed my potential and allowed me to officiate on some great games at some fantastic venues. Above all else I have had probably my most enjoyable sporting memories from being a referee!”

To find out how you can get into refereeing please contact Referees:

T: 01903 768573