Futsal Workshop ran by the Sussex Youth Working Committee at Chichester University

Inspiring introduction to Futsal

Making the transition from mainstream into the world of Futsal!

Our Youth Working Committee ran a Futsal Workshop at Chichester University to provide coaches with the basic knowledge surrounding the sport.

The Futsal workshop’s main aim was to offer local coaches the opportunity to gain an insight into Futsal and the fundamentals of the game, for participants to take away and utilise within their club environment.

The workshop entailed both theory and practical elements, including short activities to increase understanding of the rules and regulations of the game, plus gaining an insight of the transferability between futsal and football.

Using statistics and videos as evidence, participants were tasked to note down similarities between professional football players and understand how those qualities could be brought out in certain constraints and adaptations during a futsal training session.

The FA’s four corner model played a significant role when discussing the benefits of using futsal to develop young players and their players in their teams. The model was also used to highlight the benefits of a coach, with factors such as quick decision making, enhanced game management and the opportunity to assess the technical ability of their players.

For the practical element of the workshop the focus was put on four key topics; basic skills, importance of one-touch play, combinations in attack and roles in recovery. These topics allowed the participants to put their learning into practice and the coaches found a significant difference in the way they played football.

Feedback from attendees was positive with one coach saying: “The Futsal workshop was a great introduction to the game. It's shown me how important it is that our children play futsal at an early age, which will undoubtedly benefit their footballing ability.

“Really pleased I attended. The tutors were excellent communicators; they knew their subject matter and really bought it to life. They’ve inspired me to want to do my Futsal Level 1.”

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