Sussex County FA and St Barnabas House hospice

Xmas fundraising for St Barnabas House hospice

We are supporting ‘Wear it Festive’ fundraising campaign

This Christmas, we are fundraising for St Barnabas House - the local independent charitable hospice that provides specialist care for adults with advanced progressive life-limiting conditions.

Our staff will participate in St Barnabas House’s ‘Wear it Festive’ fundraising campaign on Friday 14 December, and will be doing the same on Friday 21 December, whilst donating whatever they can for the charity.

As part of the Wear it Festive Christmas fundraising, staff members will be wearing festive themed clothing and will also be participating in Office Winter Games, which include fun office-based activities such as:

Chair curling 
Snowball toss
Speed skating
Reindeer targets
Mini ice hockey

Also, rather than giving Christmas cards to one another, staff are participating in the St Barnabas House ‘Share a Card’ scheme, with the money that would have been spent on cards donated to the charity.

The company as a whole is also taking the same approach to Christmas cards, and rather than posting cards to stakeholders etc. are instead donating the money to the hospice.

St Barnabas House provides specialist palliative care both at the hospice and in the local community, free of charge, 365 days a year including Christmas Day.

Since the launch of Wear it Festive in 2016, the community has raised an incredible £12,000 for St Barnabas House through taking part in the campaign.

Last year, their team of over 100 staff members worked with over 300 hospice volunteers to help an average of 115 patients every single day of the year.

The hospice makes no charge to patients or their families for care, therefore due to little government funding, the hospice relies on donations from the local community to raise £6.5 million for care costs each year.

If you would like further information about the work of St Barnabas House, please contact the charity:

St Barnabas House hospice
T: 01903 706300