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England Football Accreditation

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England Football Accredited Leagues and England Football Accredited Clubs set the standards, raise the bar and fly the flag of respect and diversity for football in England. 

Being Accredited helps you attract players, coaches, and volunteers - with tailored support to build the strong, sustainable, successful league or club you want to be. 

England Football Accredited Leagues and England Football Accredited Clubs lead the game by example. They’re safer, stronger, more effective and more enjoyable places to play and enjoy football.

When you’re Accredited you’re not just part of it, you’re the beating heart of it.
Existing FA Charter Standard Leagues and Clubs will automatically become an England Football Accredited League or England Football Accredited Club. 

Over the coming months, in partnership with The FA, we will prepare you for the opportunities ahead.

Check back here for more information from June 2021.


Any club can get the support they need to apply for England Football Accreditation. England Football Accreditation accreditation demonstrates how clubs, leagues, volunteers, parents and players play their part in providing fun, safe and inclusive football opportunities for all.

As a minimum clubs must be affiliated to a County FA and have at least one team playing in an FA sanctioned league. 

Clubs should contact your local County FA to apply for England Football Accreditation. 

Clubs work in partnership with County FA's to demonstrate and work toward meeting the accreditation criteria. Help and support is available from our team of experienced staff.

Clubs and County FA's will work together to complete an England Football Accreditation application form. Then your County FA will review your application and supporting evidence with a number of experienced individuals within the game. If a club meets the criteria they are awarded a relevant level of accreditation. Support is available to help clubs meet the standard.

Leagues should contact your local County FA to register an interest in achieving England Football Accreditation. This is done by completing an England Football Accreditation League Registration form.

Your County FA will organise a meeting or invite you to one of our league workshops where we can help audit and assess your league. As part of this meeting we will identify outstanding objectives against the criteria and help leagues work toward meeting these.

It’s free! England Football and County FA's do not charge to become accredited. Clubs also receive benefits and incentives to achieve, maintain and progress their England Football Accreditation.

A club’s accreditation lasts for one season. An annual health check must be completed each year to review a club’s status. The England Football Accreditation may be withdrawn if a club has a poor disciplinary record or no longer meets the criteria.

Clubs which achieve England Football Accreditation status can be proud to be the best place for people to play and enjoy football. They are able to demonstrate they offer positive football environments where people can develop their skills, keep fit and enjoy playing as part of a friendly, inclusive community.

England Football Accreditation clubs receive access to benefits that will help to attract and retain players, volunteers and supporters. The level of support and resources you receive will depend on the level of accreditation a club achieves. Benefits clubs experience include:

  • Attract and retain players, supporters and volunteers
  • Funding for football equipment
  • Access to promotional resources and guidance
  • Tailored support from England Football and County FA's

England Football, Sussex County FA and associated partners offer a number of additional benefits to those above so speak to us today to find out more.

The criteria are outlined within the application form. There are different criteria for both. It also has some relevant differences for the Youth and Adult game. Broadly the criteria are based around having the following in place:

  • Code of conduct and operational policies
  • Coaching qualifications (Youth only)
  • Links, Pathways & Development Plans

These criteria are designed to make clubs in the best place possible to play and enjoy football. 

Higher levels of accreditation are available to clubs who offer above the minimum criteria. Clubs who achieve Community or Development status are given access to greater levels of support, benefits and equipment.

The precise criteria to become an England Football Accreditation is identified as part of your County FA meeting or forum. Broadly leagues are required to meet the following objectives:

  • 60% of registered teams are members of England Football Accreditation
  • Demonstrate support for new teams to achieve England Football Accreditation
  • Supporting and implementing The FA’s Respect campaign 
  • Having a league referees’ officer
  • Demonstrate active link to another league to support player development and transitional pathways
  • After 3 years, have a minimum of 85% teams as members of England Football Accreditation

Working together with your County FA, we help make sure you are delivering the best offer possible for players to play in a safe, fun and inclusive environment and support for the people who help run your teams.

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