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Steve Atkins

Steve Atkins

Steve Atkins

Director + IAG Chair

He / Him / His / Himself


Steve is extremely passionate about grassroots football, and has an unshakable belief in the positive effect it has on people’s lives, no matter what their role in the sport.

He has always played the game but started off in volunteering as a coach at the age of 16. Since then he has tried his best to make a difference, taking on many roles from secretary to referee, and from cleaning toilets, to becoming chairman of his favourite local club.

Steve is neurodivergent. Being wired differently has its difficulties but he believes it allows him to see things differently and has gifted him with an understanding of equality, diversity, and inclusion. He has a passion to try his best to ensure that everyone involved in football feels comfortable, safe, and happy when participating in all the roles within it.

Steve was chair of the Sussex Disability Football League from 2018 till 2023 and is now the president of the league, he is also the chair of our Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG).