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Football Futures is a programme that aims to recruit, retain, develop, reward and provide a progressive pathway for young leaders, with the aim of developing a skilled football workforce.

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The programme has been developed to incorporate six themes to provide young people an opportunity to get involved in football as a young leader within an appropriate sporting environment. Whether you are interested in coaching, refereeing or designing a club website, football needs young volunteers!

The Sussex County FA is committed to recruiting volunteers that can contribute to the development of the grassroots game, and the Football Futures programme allows us to do just that. With the help of schools, colleges, clubs and leagues, we can attract a skilled workforce into football, with the development of life skills at the core of everything they do.

Who is the programme for?
Football Futures is aimed at anyone between the ages of 11-18, who is interested in volunteering within a Footballing environment. Whether you want to volunteer at your school, local Charter Standard club, or even your local league, there are plenty of opportunities to use your skills in grassroots football.

Not only does the programme help you build valuable life skills and your confidence working with others, but it rewards you in a way that excites potential employers!

You say there are six themes, what are they?
Young leaders are encouraged to volunteer within one or more of the following themes:
Coaching and working with teams
Running events
Running and developing the game
Promoting the game
Respect ambassador

Within these themes there are so many different ways in which you can really become an asset to local football. You may possess the necessary skills to help run the website, write match reports, fundraise, coach youngsters, referee mini soccer, or promote the Respect programme, the list really is endless.

Whatever your skills, there’s something for you to do in grassroots football!

How can I get involved?
Getting involved is easy. If you are already involved with a club or school team, then just fill out the attached application form and we will contact them to ensure there is a mentor available and that we have captured the correct details.
If you’re not currently involved with a club or team, the Sussex County FA will attempt to partner you with an appropriate football setting. Usually at a Charter Standard Club local to you.

The volunteering opportunities must take place at one of the following four footballing settings:
  An FA Charter Standard Club
  An educational establishment (i.e. school/college football team)
  An FA affiliated League
  The Sussex County FA

Will I have any support?
Yes of course! The Football Futures programme is designed to mentor young volunteers, and help provide them with the necessary skills to help the make a real difference.
All young leaders will be assigned a specific mentor /co-ordinator, who will be there to help, as well as track your progress.

Why is my progress tracked?
We want to keep track of all our leaders’ progress, because we want to make sure you get the recognition you deserve!
The FA will award certificates to recognise the reaching specific milestones, such as 10, 25, 50 hours of volunteering. In addition to this, Sussex County FA will also issue certificates identifying the skills and competencies demonstrated whilst volunteering within the respected themes. This is great for potential employers, as it really shows what your strengths are!

Are there any further opportunities?
Yes! The Sussex County FA holds an annual Young Leaders Camp, which is open to any of our young leaders on the Football Futures programme. The camp brings together lots of leaders across the county, who experience a series of workshops, in a variety of football themes such as disability football and Futsal.

Following this county Young Leaders Camp, two participants, one male and one female, will be selected to represent the Sussex County FA to attend the week long FA National Young Leaders Camp. Again, young leaders will experience a number of workshops to help develop their leadership skills in different settings. In addition to these workshops, leaders will also take part in a comprehensive activities programme, culminating in a football festival on the final day.

On the basis of how they demonstrate their abilities at the National Camp, 4 individuals are selected to accompany The FA on a ‘Changing Lives’ trip. In previous years, young leaders have visited such places as Botswana, South Africa and Trinidad, where they are tasked with delivering football based education to young disadvantaged children.

This really is a great chance for leaders to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity at a young age.

Keep up to date by liking the Football Futures Facebook Page or following The FA Youth Council on Twitter.

For further information, have a look at the Football Futures pack below, or contact Development:

T: 01903 766855

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