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Under the Laws of the Game, whenever a referee cautions or sends off a player, they must report the incident and they must also compile a report and send it to the appropriate authority within two days of the match (Sunday not included). Referees can now submit all of their discipline, cautions and dismissals online.

Whole Game System
The Whole Game System allows Match Officials to submit their disciplinary reports from a match directly to the relevant County FA without the need to email a report to two different County FAs. 

The following Reports are currently available through Whole Game System to submit:
• Cautions
• Dismissals
• Misconduct

When you submit your Reports through the Whole Game System there is no need to submit extra reports to the Sussex County FA, or any other County FAs. The reports will be sent directly to the appropriate County FA and submitted into their disciplinary process. 

If you require any assistance in completing your reports through the Whole Game System then The FA have released a Helpful Guide that takes you through the process step by step. Alternatively please contact who will be able to assist you with your query.

Misconduct Reports - Practical Advice for Match Officials
If you need assistance in compiling your report you can view The FA's Misconduct Reports - Practical Advice for Match Officials guide which gives advice on best practice with regard to reports using a range of different scenarios.

What happens if I require further guidance relating to misconduct?
In the first instance contact the Referees’ Department:

Referees' Department
T: 01903 768573

Personal Hearings
Referees and Assistant Referees must attend Personal Hearings when required so to do. If a Referee or Assistant Referee fails to attend they shall be reported to the appropriate County FA. Any Referee having accepted a request to attend a Personal Hearing is then required to close the date with all appropriate Competitions and Central Appointments Officer.

Attending a Personal Hearing
We are keen to assist and support our Referee Workforce in the following areas:
Young, New or Appearing for the first time Referees, if you are unsure as to what to expect from a Personal Hearing please contact us and we will talk you through it. If you wish to request an experienced Match Official or someone else to sit in with you, please contact us to discuss this. At least 7 days notice should be given if you wish to request an observer.
Under 18s, we will be pro-active in contacting those referees under the age of 18 in advance of any Personal Hearing in order to give them our full support.

Requesting the Result of a Personal Hearing
In order for the Match Official to gain closure following a personal hearing, we will now take requests for the result of a personal hearing.
To do this, please contact in writing at least 24 hours after your commission date providing: Your Name, FAN (NPD Number), and Case Number(s) relevant to the case.
We will then also confirm in writing the decision that was made, although the reason will always remain the same: "On the balance of probability, with the evidence presented to the Commission".

If you are unsure about your responsibilities as a Match Official, wish to request an observer or Personal Hearing result please contact discipline:

T: 01903 753547

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