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IMPORTANT - Please Note: Anyone wishing to enrol on one of our courses should do so personally using their own FA Number (FAN) and password.

Please do not try to book anyone else on a course using your FAN - this effectively books you on the course even though you may overtype your details with those of the person who is to attend the course.

A FAN is your personal user ID and is where coaching qualifications or other certificates will be stored.

Once completion of the course is updated on our systems, the qualification will be added to the FAN used to book the course. For Club officers who wish to enrol a volunteer/coach on a course, you will need to make sure their FAN is used to book a course. You may need to sit with the individual in order to be able to have them use their FAN and password.

Most people already have a FAN and it is not usually necessary to create a new record. Please use the search facility to locate an existing FAN.


Click on the relevant course title to access the online application page.

FA Level 1 in Coaching Football
Just starting?

FA Level 1 in Coaching Football

The first stepping-stone on The FA's core coaching pathway, this course introduces you to coaching football, working with players from under-7s to open age and offers an insight into the English game - how it's played and how to support the development of future players.


Visit the FAN Retrieval page to receive a reminder.

Visit the Password Reset page to reset your password.

Login to Members Services using your FAN and password and you will be able to update or edit your personal details and view your qualifications. Note: on your first visit you will need to accept the terms and conditions.

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