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Seaford Town disability football pledge

Seaford Town has launched a disability youth team at under-14s comprising of both boys and girls, plus further plans for the future.

Seaford Town were one of the first clubs to make a pledge in the Sussex County FA Disability Football Pledge Project. Their pledge was to ‘Affiliate one or two teams this coming season, working towards setting up an adult’s team and making football as fun as possible for all those involved.’ 

Since taking the pledge, Seaford Town have met with Jade Harker, the Disability Football Development Officer at the Sussex County FA, to discuss future development plans regarding disability football at the club.

Jade said: “Working in partnership with the Grow the Game Fund and Seaford Town is key to the development of disability football within Seaford and surrounding areas.

“In the season just gone Seaford have already worked hard to enter a mixed youth team into the Sussex Disability Football League and are now in the process of confirming their disability development plans. This will hopefully see more teams and opportunities generated within the club.”

A parent of one the players said: “My son has always enjoyed football and has always wanted to be part of a team, but because of his disabilities we found it hard to find somewhere that would take him on, as he is not at the same level as other peers his age.

“The disability team has made a huge difference to him, it's been a great opportunity for him to socialise as well as having lots of fun, football is something he really enjoys and without the disability team he wouldn't be able to play. We are so thankful to Seaford Town for giving our son this opportunity.”

Seaford Town have been working with the Sussex County FA and the Sussex Disability Football League for the past year through their dedicated coach Mark Argent. During that time the club saw first at hand how much joy the league brings to people who take part.

For further information about Disability Football in Sussex please contact Development:

T: 01903 766855

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