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The Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) will enable us to meet our legal and moral obligations...

The IAG will allow us to increase awareness, understanding and knowledge of inclusion, equality and diversity, so that we will better meet the needs of all of our communities who would like to take part in football or already involved in football and ultimately our business.

Role of the IAG is specifically to:
• Advance equality of opportunity amongst all our communities to increase participation
• Foster good relationships with and between all our communities
• Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation
• Increase diversity within the volunteer workforce
• Clarify regulations and sanctions related to discriminatory behaviour
• Enable transparency and confidence when dealing with matters related to discriminatory behaviour

In doing so the IAG aims to:
• Utilise data to provide intelligence to set clear targets within our county strategy ensuring this meets the needs of the whole of our football community
• Assess and advise on equality impacts arising out of county strategy, monitoring and evaluating the Inclusion & Diversity Key Performance Indicators
• Support community engagement, consultations, development programs and disciplinary procedures
• Act as Ambassadors for the Sussex County FA, promoting inclusion and diversity in football
• Bring a diverse perspective to the Sussex County FA
• Identify any equality issues, support the identification and delivery of solutions
• Promote and encourage the benefits of addressing equality issues within the football community
• Coordinate consultation sessions with the wider community on annual county plans
• Identify key issues and trends that will promote the growth of the game through inclusion and diversity interventions
• To assist the Sussex County FA to achieve the Preliminary Level of the Equality Standard for Sport

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