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The role of Discipline is to ensure that the rules and regulations of The FA and Sussex County FA are upheld, and to encourage proper conduct and fair-play in the grassroots game.

Clubs can access their discipline administration online via the Whole Game System.

Using the Whole Game System, clubs can view real time information such as suspensions, pay for discipline invoices, and make claims for mistaken identity/wrongful dismissal.

The video above provides clubs with a walkthrough guide of how to process discipline case online.

Below are links to the individual topics discussed in the walkthrough video:
• Cautions
• Dismissals/Misconduct
• Finance

Access to discipline administration online is via the Whole Game System. To login you will require your FA Number (FAN) or registered email address and your password. If you are unsure of your FAN please contact the Sussex County FA (details below) with your name and date of birth. If you are unsure of your password visit The FA Password Reset.

Once logged in, simply select the relevant club tab at the top of the screen and then select 'Discipline' from the left hand panel.

Useful discipline documents:
Guide to Reporting Discrimination.pdf
Laws of the Game.pdf
• Rules and Regulations of The Association.pdf
 Suspended Until Paid.pdf (Football Debt Recovery)
The FA Discipline Handbook

The FA has implemented a sanction guideline document to improve consistency across all County FAs in the application of sanctions. The document serves as a useful guide in understanding the process.

Information on how County FA's process reports of discrimination, how individuals can report discrimination and the written reasons for discrimination cases from all County FA's can be found via: Tackling Discrimination

For further details regarding any disciplinary matters, please contact Discipline:

T: 01903 753547
E: Discipline@SussexFA.com

Suspensions search
- (Individuals - Date-of-birth: DD/MM/YYYY)
The search function below enables you to find suspensions whether this be within Sussex or nationally:
(Please Note: The search engine requires that both your spelling and the spelling on our system plus the date-of-birth match perfectly, if this is not the case the correct information may not be displayed - any queries please contact Discipline - details above)

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