Everyone has ambitions and dreams and referees are no different...

For some this ambition will require promotion through the refereeing ranks.

All promotion candidates are expected to display excellent administration skills, and should ensure they keep the Central Appointments Officer informed of their closed dates and games. Full details of how this is to be done are detailed below and in the promotion information documents.

Everyone starts off at exactly the same place: as a 'Trainee' referee on a Referees Training Course. After refereeing at least five 11-a-side games, attending a two hour "Call Back Evening" and passing the Referees examination, a 'Trainee' Referee automatically becomes a Level 7 Referee, unless aged 14 or 15, in which case becomes a 'Youth' Referee. On turning 16, a 'Youth' referee is automatically promoted to Level 7.
Once a Level 7 referee has refereed at least twenty 11-a-side games, they can apply for promotion to Level 6. Applications should be made in January. Many referees never try to progress from Level 7 to Level 6 or beyond, continuing perfectly happily at the same status for many years. All referees are however encouraged by the Sussex County FA to apply for promotion to Level 6.
The promotion year runs from 1st March to 28th February (29th in a leap year). At the end of this time, the Referee Promotion Working Group meets to determine whether a candidate has met all of the criteria to be promoted. Applications to join the promotion scheme should be made by the 31st January.
Please see Promotion Scheme Application Information (This is applicable for applying for promotion from Level 7 to Level 6, Level 6 to Level 5, Level 6 to Level 4 and Level 5 to Level 4).
Promotion through these levels is controlled by The FA and is dependent on observations and undertaking an enhanced fitness test. On successful promotion referees will operate as follows:

• Level 4 - Referee in a Supply League and an Assistant Referee on the Contributory League 
• Level 3 - Referee on the Contributory Leagues and Assistant Referee on the Panel, Panel Select, Football League or Premier League (Promotion Pathway for Assistants Referees begins at Level 3)
• Level 2b - Panel List referee on the Panel Leagues 
• Level 2a - Panel Select List Referee 
• Level 1 - National List Referee

The final promotion would be on to the International List (FIFA).

Fitness Tests

The Sussex County FA will be running the following Fitness Tests:

Note: The Southern Combination Football League (SCFL) will also be using these Fitness Tests for their selection purposes.

• Thursday 5 July 2018 - K2 Track, Crawley - 7.00pm
• Sunday 22 July 2018 - Withdean Sports Centre Track - 9.45am

Referees are recommended to prepare fully for the test and the Sussex County FA have the right to refuse a test. Referees are reminded that they must nominate, in writing, the date of their test. The reasons being are to allow the Sussex County FA to: 
• Avoid track congestion 
• Provide appropriate numbers of supervisors/officials

The Sussex County FA Refereeing Working Committee has adopted the Referees' Fitness Test Policy (below). This outlines all aspects relating to Sussex County FA Fitness Tests, including eligibility and the requirements in relation to attendance and non-attendance. Please take the opportunity to download this document and read it through carefully prior to taking the Fitness Test.

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