Support of the Benevolent Fund praised


The Sussex County FA Benevolent Fund aims to help players and officials who have suffered a football-related injury and, as a result, find themselves in financial hardship.

The following testimonials have been received by the Fund recently, and highlight the good work being done to support injured players and officials.

“I have been overwhelmed by the support that the Benevolent Fund has given me. I have had nearly two years of hell because of my injury and the Benevolent Fund has really helped me financially and supported me so much. It’s sad that not all clubs put into the Fund because injury will affect most of us. Thank you again Mr Williams and the trustees for the help you have given me.”
Injured player

“We wish to thank the Sussex County FA Benevolent Fund for helping us through a difficult time following the injury to my husband, who was injured during a game. Without the funding support we wouldn’t have been able to simply put food on the table for us and our children, so we are very, very grateful. We are so pleased the football club sent in a donation at the start of the season as that enabled us to qualify for a grant, which is a small cost compared to the benefit that we received, thanks again.”
Partner of injured player

“Our club always makes a point of donating to the Sussex County FA Benevolent Fund every season. Whilst we can’t afford to make a large donation we believe that if as many clubs as possible make donations to the Fund it will benefit everyone. We know at first-hand what a good job the Benevolent Fund does, as one of our players quite some time ago suffered a serious injury which prevented him from playing or working. The Benevolent Fund has supported him and his young family ever since. Our club really appreciated that support and we hope that any Sussex club that doesn’t already donate to the Fund will reconsider and make a regular donation of whatever they can afford.”
Football Club based in East Sussex

The fund is a registered charity and without donations it would simply not exist - affiliated clubs are encouraged to contribute to the fund when completing their club affiliation.

For further information about the Sussex County FA Benevolent Fund and to make an application please contact the Benevolent Fund honorary secretary:

Nigel Williams
T: 01329 481449

Sussex County Football Association Benevolent Fund
Registered as a Charity Number 217496